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Er ... this is my first official post, so go easy on me guys. I'm a complete noob when it comes to LJ. Tried learning about cuts, spent a long time, but I failed! Haha :S
Saw this community, and fell in love. I was inspired to write something based on deh awesomeness. <333 

Anyway, here's a link to my HenryxVito fic. 

Title: Ride
Pairing: HenryxVito
Warnings: Some spoilers that don't pertain to the fate of characters. Naughty language. And stuff.
Description: Chronological drabbles: It's not running, anymore. It's a roadtrip for two.


Don't really know if I'll continue it or not. But I feel as if it's good enough. Reviews always make this lazy bum very happy.

17th-Oct-2011 08:18 pm - Newbie here :)

So after saving up for my own PS3 I finally bought one along with Mafia 2 about a week ago. So yes I'm fairly new to the game but I'm addicted already, I'm playing it more than I should but I'm loving it! Just like I love the characters they are so much fun especially Joe. But my OTP is Vito/Henry, the looks they sometimes give each other.
Anyways here's a little gif I made about Vito/Henry thought I would share it as a gift.

12th-Nov-2010 09:09 am - Henry SceenShots
Requested. Here's some screenshots of sexy Henry Tomasino.
Spoilers I guess.

Henry under the cut )

31st-Oct-2010 11:36 am - Happy Halloween!
Joe and Vito wish you a Happy Halloween :)

31st-Oct-2010 11:29 am - A Quickie of Vito
Lol, garbage preview window.

Fake cut to my journal. )
30th-Oct-2010 06:23 pm - Joe/Vito Fanart and Hello
Hey everyone, I'm new here but not new to the Mafia 2 fandom. I bring a lovely fanart by my friend JC. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing it with you guys. It should be worksafe, just a bit of closeness between the two bestfriends.

Anyways hope to make some friends. I'm really excited for Joe's adventures to come out.

Joe/VitoCollapse )
27th-Oct-2010 10:36 pm - Fanart: Joe/Vito

Full size here
. - More fanart. (:
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